Nicole. 19. Hawaii.
~ Wednesday, August 10 ~

Today was

his first day of school… well for all the freshmen and entering students, I guess. I wish I was there, going to Kamehameha with him. 

But I am here, very far away. These things seem like eternity. 

And I miss him. A lot.

This was bound to happen anyway. We can’t be together 24/7. Hell, this summer already informed me of that… although I didn’t want to believe it; the real truth remains. 

And I miss him again. Even more. And I hope he has an amazing time at this school, with everything it’s going to give him. 

If I wasn’t Hawaiian, I wouldn’t be complaining this much. But I am, and I had a chance to get in too… but I didn’t go for it.

I should’ve. Buuuut, here I am, sitting at this computer typing out my feelings, ranting to the internet.

Teenage hormones are retarded. I sound crazy. Am I? Ughh… the letters I gave him are probably filled with crazy thoughts T___T I don’t wanna look crazy. UGH. I need to just shut up about sounding crazy already.

I’ll say it for a third time. I miss him. Ahh… sometimes I wonder if I ever cross your mind this much. You have so much to think about already. Probably not, then.

We’ll be strong, we’ll still hang out and talk and make more memories… right?

We can do this.

Ahh. I dunno what to write anymore.

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